Cedar Breaks Trail at Lake Georgetown

Every now and then it’s great to just go for a little walk in the woods, actually there are very few days when I would prefer to be indoors than outside doing something.

20151224_102733On this day Sabrina and I had the afternoon to ourselves and decided to head out to Lake Georgetown.  You couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day to be outdoors, temps in the mid 70’s, light winds, and plenty of sunshine.

We took the Cedar Breaks trail on the south side of the river which on this day offered a pleasant shaded walk and great views of the lake along the way.  There are a couple other trails that I’d like to check out on Lake Georgetown but on this day the Cedar Breaks trail was ideal for the time we had.

I can’t really say that it was a super exciting and adventure filled walk, but that perfect because that was the point.  What we needed was to get out, get some fresh air, and to just walk and talk.

Because of the shaded areas we needed to keep an eye out for parts of the trail where Heart of Stonemoisture had accumulated on rocks.  The last thing we needed was for someone to slip and break an ankle or something.  We came across some interesting porous rocks that looked like something from a volcano.  I’m not a geologist but I think that somehow over time water created a bunch of holes in the stone, I like the idea that maybe they were thrown from a volcano or were placed there during the last ice age.

We did find one area in the trail where a heart shape had either been carved or had naturally formed.  Either way it was super cool to see and perfect for expression for how we feel about each other and for our time outdoors.

Though I spend a lot of my time outdoors hunting or fishing, I’d take a walk in the woods with people I love any day of the week.  There’s just no other experience like slowing down, enjoying nature, and the people you care most about.


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Merrell Ligons
Is Publisher of Outdoors In Color, which he founded in 2016. When he's not with his family you'll most likely find him out at the lake or stalking hogs in the woods.