The lake is beginning to call

Morning Fishing at Lake Georgetown

Fishing has always been a part of my life.  Some of my first memories are being in a boat fishing with my granny.  Something about the peace, the quite, watching the sun rise over the lake; then the sudden strike and the elevated heart rate as you reel in your catch that just excites me.

Fishing Lake Georgetown

Fishing Lake Georgetown

Lake Georgetown has been my go to lake for bass fishing over the last year however as I look to extend my boundaries other lakes in Central Texas offer some pretty good fishing options too.  Guys have pulled out a ton of great fish from Lake Travis in Austin, Granger Lake is also an excellent place for white bass.  Not owning a boat puts me at a disadvantage, there’s no doubt about that, but you can still have fun fishing from the shore.

Texas saw some unusually large amounts of rain in 2015 which was a Godsend because the lake levels were pitiful.  2016 is supposed to be a strong El Nino year and more rain is expected through Texas which will keep the lake levels high.

Being February it’s a little cold for my taste and Spring turkey hunting is in full swing but soon enough the bass will call me out of the field and to the shore.



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