Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt – Preview

On February 19th – 21st I will be participating in my first Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt (GRXH).  What is the GRXH?  It’s a group of 50 amateur hunters gathered together to test their hunting, fishing and foraging and drinking skills over the weekend.

At the Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt the group will band together to hunt, fish, and forage to feed the event participants.  There’s no guarantee that there will be anything or killed or caught and that we’ll all go to bed hungry.  For some that would be a complete turnoff but for others that’s the allure.

The event will be held at Granger Lake, in Granger Texas.  To participate in the 2016 Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt there are 4 rules:

  1. Bring not food! Or you’ll  get thrown in the river.  The idea behind the Xtreme hunt is that you only eat what you catch or kill.  
  2. Required are the license for hunting and fishing
  3. Hunter Orange is the LAW, so it must be worn.
  4. Firearms, prohibited they are; crossbows as well.   But, if you have a lightsaber you can bring that.   (I don’t make the rules, that’s just what they say)

Deer_HiRes_LogoThe Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt is supposed to be pretty rowdy, however I think behavior and what you get out of the experience is up to the individual.  Events like this I always find that that there are plenty of people who like to have fun without crossing the line.  I wish I had time to get some Black & Wild shirts printed, the GRXH would be a great place to sport one especially with temps expected to be in the 80’s (20 Degrees above normal) but I can’t get a bunch done in time so I’m going to get some stickers printed up.

With two weeks until the event I have to admit that I’m getting excited to get out outdoors, looking forward to meeting some new people, and hopefully will be able to put some meet on the grill.


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Merrell Ligons
Is Publisher of Outdoors In Color, which he founded in 2016. When he's not with his family you'll most likely find him out at the lake or stalking hogs in the woods.