What is Shed Season All About?

It’s February and increasingly you’re starting to hear about Shed Season and may be wondering what it’s all about.  Simply put, Shed Season is a time of year where people hunt for antlers.  There may be many resons someone would want to hunt for antlers (collection, artistic, furniture, knife handles) but as it relates to hunting it’s a great way to get an idea of what bucks have survivied the hunting season.

For any hunter, it’s to your advantage to arm yourself with as much knowledge about your prey as possible.  Shed hunting is often the first post-season opportunity for you to begin to better undestand the deer in your area.  Finding sheds in a certain area can give you indications of a certain bucks location and patterns of movement.  Perhaps you find a shed in a thicket and a matching side of the shed in dry creek, you now two points of reference and from studying the game trail, you now have an idea of that buckss bedding and watering areas.  Again, it’s all about piecing together small bits of information to help build the bigger picture.

Because shed hunting doesn’t involve carying a weapon I use it as an opportunity to take my son (6) out with me.  To him it’s a game of hide and seek, we get to spend time together, 4 eyes are better than two and as a side benefit he sleeps better at night.

A few tips to help you during your Shed Season

  1. You won’t find sheds if you’re not looking: I love that you’re reading this BUT could you be out shed hunting right now?  In all seriousness, if you don’t make shed hunting a priority, if you’re not in the woods then you’re not going to find shed and reap the benefits.
  2. The more eyes the better: It’s intuitive and makes all the sense in the world, but people insist on going it alone.  Like I mentioned earlier, shed hunting is a perfect opportunity to get the kids or even the dogs out into the woods so take advantage of the opportunity when you can.
  3. Go Slow: If you’re just busting through the woods trying to cover ground then you’re going to miss sheds.  Go slow, take your time, have a method of ensuring you thoroughly cover an area before moving on.

There hundreds of little times to help you be more successful so be sure to read as much as you can.  Remember fist and foremost you gotta get out there and start looking, otherwise you’ll miss out on the opportunity to learn about the deer in your area and it could mean the differnece between succes and failure next season.

About the Author

Merrell Ligons
Is Publisher of Outdoors In Color, which he founded in 2016. When he's not with his family you'll most likely find him out at the lake or stalking hogs in the woods.