2016 Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt

The 2016 Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt (GRXH) has come and gone.  Though it was my first outing with anyone from TexasBowHunter.com, it was one for the books.

To get a recap of what the GRXH was all about you can get the details from this previous post, but to summarize.  It’s a hunting outing where you bring no food, you eat what’s either shot with a bow or caught with a fishing pole.

Weather was fantastic, possibly the best possible weekend for an event like the GRXH.  The highs were in the upper 70’s with light winds out of the southwest.    We were at the primitive camp which is just upstream from the boat launch.  To get to the launch one could either walk around the entirety of the south part of the lake or get a ride from one of the guys who owns a boat, I chose the latter.

IMG_1901The challenge for me is that I was new to the event and didn’t know anyone in the group.  As it so happened another hunter pulled up as soon as I got out of the truck, his name was Speedgoat (not sure what his real name is but he’s speedgoat to me).  We exchanged pleasantries, helped each other unload and get our stuff to the boat dock.  This wasn’t Speedgoat’s first rodeo, he was well connected and knew the who’s who of the group.  With a simple shout across the river, we had a ride.

Pulling into camp I noticed that I was the only black hunter, BUT I wasn’t the only minority.  There were a group of hispanic guys from Brazil and few hispanic guys from Texas, and a girl from France.  Within a few minutes another black guy (calihunter) showed up and I began to understand that within this community the color of your skin counted for nothing.  We were all there for a common goal, hunt, eat, and have fun.

20160219_213345Over the weekend we ended up shooting two hogs, two rabbits, and a squirrel.  Somehow one of the
hunters managed to catch a piglet (someone took it home as a pet) and we hooked about 80 white bass and crappie (saving grace).  I personally saw 4 hogs, managed to get a shot on one but missed high.  One thing I learned about Granger hogs this weekend is that they’re fast.

At the end of the weekend I walked away having a good time, meeting a lot of great guys and as is usually the case; when you venture outside of your comfort zone that’s where you’ll find fun and adventure.

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Merrell Ligons
Is Publisher of Outdoors In Color, which he founded in 2016. When he's not with his family you'll most likely find him out at the lake or stalking hogs in the woods.

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  1. “Within a few minutes another black guy (calihunter) showed up and I began to understand that within this community the color of your skin counted for nothing.”
    As it should be! I hope you can make it this year as well; only eight days until GRXH 2017!

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