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The Buckin TruthThe circle of African American hunters in the US is relatively small, for the most part we tend to run in the same circles, frequent the same sites, and join the same groups.  It was in one of these circles that I had the fortune of meeting (virtually) Marquis Coaston.  

Marquis is known today as the owner of The Buckin Truth, an outdoor lifestyle company but that wasn’t always the case.  Like many modern sportsmen, Marquis didn’t grow up in a hunting household, the love of hunting was something he found later in life.  In speaking with Marquis, I learned that the Coaston name is actually mostly recognized in the music industry, and it’s in that business where Marquis spent most of his time and effort in his early days.  If you do a Google search for his grandfather Cornelius Harp, you’ll pull find that he was the lead singer or one of the most well known doo-wap groups of the 60’s, the Marcel’s.  If the Marcel’s don’t sound familiar, chances are very familiar with one of their most well know songs “Blue Moon”.  Marquis’s father Lamar Coaston Junior, also known as “Manzo” is also an artist, some of his work is available online on SoundCloud.  The apple as they say, didn’t fall far from the tree and with a little more online research you can some of Marquis’s musical work online.

Marquis CoastonThough music is in his blood, so is the desire to pursue wild game.  When you meet a fellow hunter you have to ask the obligatory questions about weapon preference (compound bow), where they hunt, the challenges of being a black hunter today, but hunting in itself isn’t what motivates Marquis.  If you spend any amount of time with Marquis, you’ll quickly get a sense that he’s motivated by something more, by a higher calling.  You’ll see that he’s driven by a desire to make a difference.

That brings us to The Buckin Truth and what the company is all about.  When I asked Marquis to describe what The Buckin Truth is, he admitted that it was hard to describe.  That’s because The Buckin Truth isn’t a hat or a T-shirt, it’s a feeling. It’s that feeling you get right before you pull the trigger.  It’s that void you must enter where there are no distractions, only focus.  It’s a confidence that can only be gained through hard work and dedication. It’s that feeling that Marquis is seeking to help men, women, and children connect with.  It’s that feeling that he’s hoping can change the hearts and minds of those that experience it.  With that said, The Buckin Truth does make money by selling apparel.  If you visit the website you can buy a hat, t-shirt, decals etc…The company is young but what is stands for is something that has been a part of every hunter since the dawn of man and I suspect will be a part of us until our last day on earth.  

Most weekends you’ll find Marquis either teaching the next generation the nuances of archery, on the road doing a show, or in the woods.  Marquis is a regular guy; he’s a father, a husband, he has a full-time job, somewhere during the day he finds time to sleep.  What motivates him every day to keep grinding?  It’s not riches of the spotlight, it’s The Buckin Truth   

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Merrell Ligons
Is Publisher of Outdoors In Color, which he founded in 2016. When he's not with his family you'll most likely find him out at the lake or stalking hogs in the woods.

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  1. Rob Williams | June 20, 2016 at 10:58 pm |

    It’s good to be able to find out what motivates people to pursue their passions.

  2. So Proud of you Son! Thanks Outdoors In Color for this Great Article!

  3. I have found that Archery keeps me stress free. It puts me a zone that is quiet and serene. When I am done with me day, I am rebalanced. Everyone should experience archery.

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