Why Outdoors In Color?
When looking at media related to outdoor activities, I find a noticeable lack of representation by people of color.  There is a desire among people of color to have representation, a feeling of belonging to the outdoors community, and to be connected with each other.  With Outdoors In Color, I want to capture and share stories, images, and video from outdoorsmen of varying ethnicities and backgrounds.  Outdoors In Color breaks stereotypes and demonstrates that the outdoors is a part of the human experience, not just the experience of a specific ethnic group or for people of a particular background.

20160102_121406About Merrell

I’m a former pro baseball player and admited workaholic who grew up in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

Fishing has always been a part of my live, some of my earliest memories involve huge rainbow trout and spending weekends on the lake with my granny. If I had a choice of hunting or fishing I’d probably prefer to spend a day on the lake than a day in the woods.

My first hunt took place around the age of 10 when my dad took my brother and I out to the dessrt to hunt rabbit. Though we did shoot a rabbit, I really wasn’t that interested in hunting until later in life. Today I enjoy bowhunting in my home state of Texas.

I started Outdoors In Color because I felt there are great stories out there from a divers group of outdoorsmen and women that the outdoors media industry has chosen to ignore.  I felt there was a gap that needed to be filled however, that gap can’t be filled from the outside, these stories have to bubble up from within the community.

If you’re intrested in reaching me feel free to send an email to merrell@outdoorsincolor.com